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Derek  6 Aug 2018

Some gremlins in the system this morning, so news are later than usual.
See our new links after news.


China was dethroned by Japan as wold’s second Biggest Stock Market! TradeWar took more away from China than Japan .... do not let Trump hear this.

The S&P500 is continuing its positive trend. Interesting to notice that it only closed 1 day below the EMA8 line. I marked it on the chart.

Berkshire Hathaway made a flag and has broken it now. The important thing to notice on this chart is FrontRunner's prediction. It predicted that a new high is coming when it broke above the overbought lines.

JSE Technical:

The results of Mondi made it smash top resistance with a +6.54% gain.

The graph of Naspers looks interesting. It closed against my trend line with a green MACD bar and FrontRunner breaking its moving average.

Some of the technical terms can now be seen at links. If I for example refer to doji, if a link exists, the colour of doji changes to blue. If you now click on the word it will take you to a link where it is explained. We will build up this library with time.

Thanks Alwyn for this great new addition.

You must enjoy your day.
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