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Derek  7 Aug 2018


Asian markets advance as shares in China shares bounce back. Only Australia is negative this morning.

Lets look where this bounce is taking place in the HangSeng. We have the making of a tripple bottom here, but it is still below the EMA8 line and my negative red trend line.

I want to show Berkshire Hathaway again as flag breaks can be very profitable. Notice the gap it made yesterday after the break. There are links to flag and gap for further education added, just click on the words that are blue as they have links.

United Rentals also has the making of a tripple bottom. My trend line is broken and notice the divergence of the last two bottoms.

JSE Technical:
It looks like Trade-war has a bigger scare on the JSE than the US? Every time the scare is made, the JSE just corrects more than any world index.

If the US is too overwhelming for you, one can invest in the STX500 on the JSE. This is the Rand value of the S&P500. The moves of the Rand and the S&P500 influence this graph. It has done very well the past few months.

I was asked about Investec yesterday. It bounced back from my negative trend line and has a red trend factor now. It is however in oversold territory not to far above my support line, thus not in selling area currently. (Buy low .... Sell high)

Use those links for further education. Just skip all the adverts, it is however part of their marketing.
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