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Derek  8 Aug 2018


All world markets are moving positively .... even the JSE!

What is quite amazing is that even with all the Trade-War scares, the DOW has not closed below the EMA8 line since 5 July. I show it on the chart.

After the correction of most shares in the NASDAQ, they are starting to lift their heads again. Netflix broke my trend line.

So did Home Depot. Notice the FrontRunner break and the MACD green bars in oversold territory.

JSE Technical:
For a change, the JSE is also following world markets higher.

Tencent and the HangSeng broke my negative trend lines this morning. So did Anglo American!

There are so many breaks that I cannot show them all. I try to show some interesting formations like the J-Curve Richemont is forming. My second negative trend line is also broken.

Remember to follow those links for education. All key words in blue have links. I must still make a proper video of FrontRunner as you will not find that anywhere in the world. It is unique to TradeFX.

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