Nikkei leads Asian-Market .... Poor Governance

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Derek  14 Aug 2018

Good Morning,

The Nikkei is leading the Asian-market rebound following the Turkish currency jitters. The HangSeng is however still negative.

I want to show the HangSeng for you to see the effect of the Trade-War on this index. I zoomed out a lot for you to see the current support .... not looking very strong?

I warned before that Bank of America's trend line was broken. The lagging MACD only broke down now. I do not use the MACD breaks, as it is lagging too much, but I rather use the colour bars of the MACD with FrontRunner.

Best Buy Co bounced down from resistance. Notice:
1 We were in overbought territory (Red heatMaps)
2 We were against resistance
3 FrontRunner broke down
4 MACD is making a red bar (It did not break down yet as it always lag)

JSE Technical:
6 Reasons were given for the weak Rand of which 3 were Trade_War related and the other 3 poor Governance. I do not see any of them getting resolved in the short term? The land grab without compensation is weighing the heaviest.

I show the weakening of the Rand again and notice what FrontRunner is showing. A break above the overbought lines tell us that the end has not been reached. Some weaker Rand values can be expected.

Rand Hedges are doing well and banks get hammered. I show FirtsRand.
Notice where FrontRunner broke down in overbought territory (red HeatMaps).

Anglo American is one of the Rand Hedges that is still moving strong after it broke its trend line.

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