Derek  15 Aug 2018

Good Morning,

We have very uncertain markets currently. Yesterday was a reverse of the previous day and today is a reverse of yesterday? Only Australia positive this morning.

Lets see what the technical indicators show. What to notice on the DOW:
1 It is still closing below the EMA8 line.
2 The high of yesterday was lower than the previous day.
3 The low was higher than the previous day

All signals are very uncertain without a clear direction.

Kohls Corporation is not bothered with all this world uncertainties and still moving strong positively. It closed at resistance.

Boeing is still busy with its abc correction, but made its first doji in oversold territory. No trend lines broken yet.

JSE Technical:
Same as world markets, the JSE also did a reverse of the previous day. Resources down and Banks up.

Although FirstRand closed the previous day's gap, the trend remains negative.

Discovery has been creating an interesting flag for quite a while now. No break out of the flag yet.

It is best just to wait when markets are so uncertain.
Enjoy your day.
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