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Derek  17 Aug 2018

Good Morning,

Technical stocks rebound and Asian markets follow. All positive.

The long leg, small body candle in oversold territory the day before was the warning of a turn for the DOW. And then the DOW took off like a rocket.

I promised to stay with the shares we were following. Well, Boeing just smashed my trend line with a +4.29% gain.

Bank of America did break my trend line, but still closed below the EMA8 line.

FrontRunner predicted that the high of Apple has not been reached. It is now making new highs and when Frontrunner turns down again with divergence, you can be assured the high has been reached. See FrontRunner explanation below.

JSE Technical:
We had a similar rebound as the world markets on the JSE.

Standard Bank announced good results and as a result bounced on support. Notice that it was oversold.

Exxaro Resources was the share that caught the eye yesterday with a +7.99% bounce. Notice that the bounce came off the 50 day simple moving average. This line often acts as support.

FrontRunner Prediction:
FrontRunner is very accurate when predicting highs and lows. When it breaks above the 3 red overbought lines and the price makes a new high, it tells you that a higher high is still coming. When the new high comes with divergence, you can know with a 99% certainty that this is the final high. I show 2 occasions of this on the graph of Billiton. I am not aware of any other software that can do this prediction. The reverse for the bottom. For medium term investors this is a must have indicator.

You must have a great weekend.
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