Italy draws fresh scrutiny .... FrontRunner prediction again

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Derek  20 Aug 2018

Good Morning,

I cannot believe it, but we are back to our old problem as Italy draws fresh scrutiny after the Turkish-Lira crisis. Investors eye market risk of countries after the Turkey crisis.
Asia markets mostly gain on US-China trade-talk hopes?

The DOW managed to climb back to resistance, but this time we are not in total overbought territory.

Harris Corporation is another share where FrontRunner made a new high prediction. Currently it has formed a flag that need to be broken to complete the prediction. See FrontRunner below.

Estee Lauder had a long correction. It now broke the negative trend line. Notice how the bottom was shown with divergence with FrontRunner.

JSE Technical:
Since 1 March the JSE return is -2.88% and the DOW +2.56%. But if you invested Rands abroad, your return is +26% due to the weaker Rand. This shows the importance to have a diversified portfolio.

I showed on Friday how FrontRunner predicts a new high coming. You can look at that market review again to see the sequence. Mondi did a similar technical indication and is now starting to move towards the high.

Richemont has moved nicely, helped by the weaker Rand. It is however now in overbought territory against resistance with divergence in place.

I just want to show Apple again. It is currently playing out the high prediction. After the prediction it made a flat J-Curve consolidation. Then it takes the path to the new high. We do not know yet where the high is, but some candle will show. Currently we have divergence in place, but this is also not confirmed until we have reached the final high. If divergence is still in place then .... that is it .... the final high. I will keep an eye on it and show when it happens.

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