NASDAQ caught up .... Trump at it again

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Derek  22 Aug 2018

Good morning,

The NASDAQ was the index that caught up with the rest in the US as it was lagging. Asia positive with Australia negative this morning.

In after hour trading EFT's fell when ex Trump attorney implied that Trump violated campaign law .... why am I not surprised?

Notice how the S&P500 made a doji against resistance.

Netflix is one of the shares in the NASDAQ that broke its trend line.

Best Buy Co broke top resistance .... what an appropiate name?

JSE Technical:
The $ started weakening and the Rand strenthening .... all due to Trump.
This had the effect that Rand hedges corrected and banks broke up.

You can see this on the chart of FirstRand.

Richemont is one of the Rand Hedges that broke down against resistance. Notice where FrontRunner broke down and the share price started making doji's against resistance.

You must have a great day.
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