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Derek  6 Sep 2018

Good Morning,

It was only the DOW that managed to close positively, the rest of the US and the world are still negative,

The NASDAQ was the index in the US that corrected the most. You will remember that I warned yesterday about the doji that Apple made. I show where FrontRunner broke down and the MACD made a red bar for the NASDAQ.

I show the same for Netflix.

One of the shares that helped the DOW to close positively was Coca-Cola.
I show the reverse here where FrontRunner broke up and the MACD made a green bar.

JSE Technical:
With the rest of the world, the JSE shares are mostly negative.

Some of the shares started making long leg candles. I show how Sanlam made one on my long term trend line.

The Rand made a similar hammer candle! Is this the first signs of a turn? We will have to see?

Enjoy your day.
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