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Derek  28 Sep 2018

Good Morning,

All markets are positive, but not very convincingly.

The Dow was positive to close with a doji on the EMA8 line in neutral area. (Heatmaps are neutral). The high of the DOW was also still lower than the previous day's high.

The Banks are still correctiong, but showing the first signs of being oversold. See the HeatMaps on the graph op Bank of America.

It was mainly the shares in the technology NASDAQ that made strong moves. I show on the chart of Apple where FrontRunner broke up in oversold territory and the MACD made a green bar.

JSE Technical:
Since I warned about Anglo on Tuesday, it has now dropped 2 days in a row to close on the EMA8 line. Notice that the trend line was broken.

There is not much happening on the JSE. Signs of poor economy?
Bid Corporation did use the 50 day moving average as support to make a piercing candle in oversold territory.

You must have a great weekend.
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