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Derek  2 Oct 2018

Good Morning,

The DOW bounce came with a gap. The S&P500 came with a Rickshaw Man candle (long leg doji). The NASDAQ was marginally negative and the East is mixed this morning. All signs of uncertainty. It was the Nafta deal that sparked the rally in the US.

I show the gap of the DOW.

Bank of America made a doji against resistance with FrontRunner just short of breaking. All signs of uncertainty about the way forward?

NVIDIA Corporation is not bothered with all this uncertainty and broke top resistance to be in blue sky territory. One of my favourite shares of course.

JSE Technical:
Clicks caught my eye on the JSE as it broke its negative trend line. Notice that the bounce on support came with divergence and FrontRunner started moving up.

FrontRunner broke up for the STX500 that closed against resistance.

I just want to show the Rickshaw Man candle of the S&P500. (long leg doji with small body) It is sometimes also refered to as a spinning top. This shows uncertainty and we need to see what happens today.

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