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Derek  4 Oct 2018

Good Morning,

a Disconnect between the DOW and the Broader market could spell trouble for stocks. Markets must work together.

And then the DOW made a very long leg doji that could ring the bells for the end of the long run? Only Australia is positive this morning with Asian markets sinking.

I show the doji of the DOW and notice that it comes with divergence in place. Today's direction must confirm the doji.

The S&P500 could not break top resistance and also has divergence in place.

After making 2 doji's against resistance, Bank of America broke the resistance.

Caterpillar is touching top resistance and also has divergence in place.

JSE Technical:
Back to the problem child. Nothing to get exited about on the JSE.
I show the Satrix INDI Portfolio that is just going down in a straight line.

Similarly the Financial portfolio has also moved into a negative long trend factor.
Satrix FINI Portfolio:

Sorry for the bad news, but I can only show what I see. All signs of the poor economy.

Enjoy your day.
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