More signs of reaching support .... All markets in oversold territory

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Derek  10 Oct 2018

Good Morning,

I see long leg doji's everywhere. This is a further sign that we are reaching support.

See the long leg doji for the DAX.

Similar for the FTSE 100.

Same for NASDAQ.

Then lots and lots of shares showing doji candles. Remember we first get candle warning, then it gets confirmed with indicators and trend line breaks.

Moody's Corporation show the candles too against trend line resistance.

JSE Technical:
FirstRand made 3 touches on support now. Notice the doji!

Naspers has 4 small body candles in a row in oversold territory. Notice the FrontRunner break and green MACD bar.

Why do I smell a lift off? All markets are in the same oversold territory worldwide.
Enjoy your day.
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