Longest correction in 50 years on JSE

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Derek  11 Oct 2018

Good Morning,

Nothing of my doji's were confirmed, what was confirmed is that we are still in a full correction. All the indices in the US had more than 3% corrections and the East is following this correction.

Fear has taken over and everyone is selling. I will only show indices this morning.
The DOW has now finally broken the long term positive trend line.

The same trend line for the NASDAQ was broken 5 days ago.

Australia has been busy with its abc correction for quite a while now.

And finally the HangSeng never had a positive trend and is just continuing its negative trend with a gap this morning.

JSE Technical:
The JSE has been in the longest correction in 50 years. The JSE abc correction is very similar to Australia's. Bottom support is also broken.

I think the effect of Trump's TradeWar is showing on all world markets now.

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