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Derek  16 Oct 2018

Good Morning,

You can expect high volatility at turning point as Bulls and Bears challenge each other. The Bears want to push the martkets futher down and the Bulls believe there is value at current levels. I prefer a turn to be shown with divergence of FrontRunner.

FrontRunner predicted for the S&P500 and quite a few other indices that the bottom has not be reached. Divergence is already in place, but needs to be confirmed. Patience .... patience ....

I see this same prediction in about 20 shares in my watchlist in the US. lets show 2 of them.


Alphabet .... better known as Google.

JSE Technical:
The JSE is just following world markets negatively.

One share that is moving against the trend is Bidvest. It is coming out of a very red trend factor. Notice that it is still moving positively after the trend line break.

FrontRunner Prediction:
When FrontRunner dipps below the 3 oversold green lines, it warns that the low has not been reached. When it occurs and divergence is in place, that is usually very accurately the bottom. Lets see if it develops as predicted? Divergence is already in place, but needs to be confirmed.

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