10% to 14% Rally predicted .... Divergence is King

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Derek  31 Oct 2018

Good Morning,

I see divergence confirmations everywhere and a stock strategist predicts a 10% to 14% rally. It was the good results of quite a few companies that started the rally. All markets are moving in the same direction positively.

The S&P 500 made an engulfing bull candle. FrontRunner confirmed the divergence with the break of the average. I marked the divergence on the chart.

Johnson Johnson created a flag the past week and broke it now.

Yesterday I mentioned that software companies will follow Redhat. Akamai Technologies was the first to do so with a +16.9% break. Notice the double bottom with divergence!

JSE Technical:
The Financial sector on the JSE started its rally a few days before the US and is well on its way.

AVI also broke its trend line with strong divergence in place.

Divergence is the strongest signal to show tops or bottoms of a market. It can be used with any technical signal, but I have found it much more accurate when used with FrontRunner.
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