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Derek  12 Nov 2018

Good Morning,

The oil price show that global economy is in a tough spot. That pulled all the indices down. Do you also get the feeling that markets move much faster these days?
The EAST rally this morning, making up from earlier losses.

Notice on the graph of the DOW that we were in overbought territory when it made its correction.

You can easily in tradeFX get the shares that is most overbought or oversold. Just run the Analyst Expert and click on the heading FXC1 or or FXC2. I did it for the S&P500 and you can see on the list that Coca-Cola is no 3 on the list of most overbought. I will not be surprised if it breaks down shortly.

Berkshire Hathaway broke down from its overbought position. FrontRunner broke down and the MACD made a red bar. I marked the previous time that it was in overbought territory on the chart.

I must show one more as it has so many signals. Kohls Corporation made a tweezer top candle formation against resistance in overbought territory. Divergence in place and red MACD bar!!!! All the signals together!

JSE Technical:
Resources could not break resistance and started correcting. The STXRES Index show this clearly. Notice the FrontRunner break and red MACD bar.

I was asked about Anheuser-Busch? This share just go from bad to worse. Notice the dark red trend factor and the negative trend lines.

They mentioned on the radio that markets have been going sideways for 3 years now and that the pressure on pension funds are mounting. I checked the 3 years and it is actually 5 years. This is why long term investments do not help your portfolio anymore.

Do not try and go against the signals .... you may come second.

You must enjoy your day.
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