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Derek  29 Nov 2018

Good Morning,

The FED chairman, Jeromy Powell, hinted at a slower pace of interest rate increases and that blasted the US indices through all resistances.

The DOW had a breakaway gap to blast through the EMA8 and resistance lines.

All the engines at Boeing ignited to also send it through resistance with a breakaway gap. Take note where the FrontRunner break was.

Amazon was one of the big gainers. It now broke both my resistance trend lines. I also show how divergence accurately showed the bottom. Notice where the FrontRunner break and MACD green bar were.

JP Morgan broke it's flag.

JSE Technical:
Billiton and Anglo did the classical abc correction. See how Billiton is in oversold territory and the first signs of turning are showing.

Clicks is still hesitating just above it's 200 day moving average after breaking it's flag.

You can click on any of the blue colour words to watch a short YouTube video explanation. I can recommend the gap one as so many shares made gaps in the US.

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