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Derek  6 Dec 2018

Good morning,

We have daily blackouts and now Vumatel also wants to shut down for 2 days for maintenance? If you do not receive any market news .... take your pick which one is down?

Comment from the US: "However you're defining risk in this scary market, you're probably wrong." The US futures tumble after arrest of Huawei CFO and the East heads further down this morning on this news.

As the US markets were closed yesterday, lets show the HangSeng that made a gap down.

Tencent broke its trend line and notice that FrontRunner already broke down 2 days ago together with a red MACD bar.

JSE Technical

I am really scratching hard to show something positive .... no avail. I think Santa also retired early this year.

Clicks Made a double top against resistance with divergence.

Markets do not like uncertainty and we have lots of that world wide.

Enjoy your day.
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