Trade-War talks resume?

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Derek  8 Jan 2019

Good Morning,

Europe was very cautious yesterday on the latest Trade-War talks. Can you blame them? Can Trump be trusted?
The US did move positively and the East is also positive this morning.

Let's show the hesitation of the FTSE against the trend line. Notice the divergence at the last turn. FrontRunner predicted the low of the last turn by dipping below the support lines.

I must show Advance Micro Devices again. I try to stay with shares that has the strongest trend factor. AMD is the strongest in the S&P500 and also made die biggest gain +8.26%.

NRG Energy broke my trend line and the 50 day moving average. Notice the strong trend factor.

They predict in the US that Apple will not recover! I will have a look at the other 8 predictions and report on them in the market reviews.

JSE Technical:
After opening strongly, the JSE got cold feet about the latest Trade-War talks and closed negatively.

Not much to show here other than cold feet! Dis-Chem is slowly moving positively after bouncing on strong support.

Enjoy your day.
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