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Derek  11 Jan 2019

Good Morning,

After opening negatively, the US managed to close positively. Asia stocks are also building on weekly gains this morning.

I zoomed out quite a lot to show that the S&P500 just crossed resistance. Do notice that we are moving more and more into overbought territory.

Because we are in overbought territory, you see the hesitation of Amazon below the 200 day average, but above the the 50 day average.

The Trade-War did not influence HCA Healthcare as much as some other stocks. Its 50 day average is still well above the 200 day average, thus a nice green trend factor. Also in overbought territory now.

JSE Technical:
Banks were the best performers on the JSE. I show RMB Holdings that is slowly climbing back to its previous high.

For the first time in a long while, Life Healthcare has moved into a positive trend factor again.

You must have a fabulous weekend.
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