FED and Apple send markets surging .... Use EMA8 as trend line

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Derek  31 Jan 2019

Good Morning,

The FED's pause signal made the stocks rise. The DOW now closed above the 200 day average (pink line) and against my long term negative trend line. Before the EMA8 line is not broken, we remain in a strong positive trend. "The Trend is Your Friend"

The HangSeng is breaking the 200 day average and my trend line this morning. Also to notice is that the EMA8 line was never broken the last 20 days.

I assume Apple did not mention bad forecasts again and only reported on results to create the surge?

Berkshire Hathaway also broke top resistance and the positive trend above the EMA8 line remains.

JSE Technical:
It was still the resources that were the strong movers on the JSE. FrontRunner predicted again that the high was not reached for Kumba Iron Ore. It is now making the predicted new highs with a dark green trend factor.

In the absence of any trend lines, just use the EMA8 line for trend direction. I always try to draw trend lines as close as possible to the EMA8 lines in any case.

Enjoy your day.
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