Asia Stocks Flat as Trade-War talks wear on

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Derek  1 Feb 2019

Good Morning,

Asia stocks are flat this morning as the Trade-War talks wear on. Trump did indicate that he will postpone futher price hikes while talks continue.

The NASDAQ was the best gainer in the US yesterday. All indices are close to the 200 day moving average or just touching it. The outcome of the talks will determine whether we will get breaks?

Let's conclude today with the weeks best performers.
Advance Micro Devices is the share with the best trend factor in the S&P500, and also the second best performer for the week with a +17.07% gain.

Xerox is no 5 on the list of best trend factor shares and was the winner of the week with a +17.9% gain. Just to proof again that strong trends attracks strong gains. The total gain for Xerox from the bottom turn is currently +52%.

JSE Technical:
The RAND strengthened futher against the Dollar and this time with a gap! Is this an exhaustion gap?

This in turn took the Financial Sector up to the next resistance. Notice that the trend is in a second gear.

You must have a fabulous weekend.

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