China stimilus seen as key to bull-market longetivity

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Derek  5 Feb 2019

Good Morning,

The China stimilus was seen as key to bull-market longetivity and is influencing all markets positively. Hopefully we can now see some substantial 200 day moving average breaks?

The NASDAQ led the US higher and Netflix was one of the main gainers. After forming a J-Curve, it now broke my negative trend line.

Microsoft broke my negative trend line and 200 day average simultaneously.

JSE Technical:
It was mostly a negative day on the JSE.

Standard Bank corrected -3.32% from top resistance. Notice the divergence.

Although Woolies is a very negative share with a dark red trend factor, I must show the frontRunner prediction again. It warned that a new low was still to come after dipping below the 3 support green lines. Currently it is making the new low.

Never try and go against a FrontRunner prediction .... you may come short.

Enjoy your day.
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