If you missed the January's surge?

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Derek  6 Feb 2019

Good Morning,

Goldman Sachs says that if you missed January's surge, you are out of luck? I believe that you must create your own luck by following the technical signs?

All markets are ticking positively. The East is catching up after a holiday yesterday.

The DOW has now broken resistance, long term trend line and 200 day moving average. We are in Bull territory again. Notice that the positive trend with the DOW above the EMA8 line.

Estee Lauder is just going from strength to strength and was the best mover in the S&P500 yesterday to smash the 200 day moving average with a +11% gain.

Since American Express broke its EMA8 line, it never looked back again. It is now also above its 50 and 200 day moving averages.

JSE Technical:

BID Corporation has moved into second gear and has managed to move out of the negative trend factor into positive trend territory.

Kumba Iron Ore had an excellent run lately, but is currently running out of steam in overbought territory. Notice the 2 doji's at current levels.

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