Weak Retail Sales in US .... Most volatile Currency

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Derek  15 Feb 2019

Good Morning,

Stocks in the US closed mostly lower on weak retail sales. The East is following the negative trend this morning. Trade-War negotiations enters second day in Beijing. UK parliament rejects Brexit strategy. From all that you can expect a lot of volatility.

I am seeing doji's everywhere. Lets show the doji of the DOW. Although it closed above the EMA8 and 200 day moving averages, I do not like the divergence.

The Hang Seng is more clear about its move and broke the EMA8 this morning downwards.

Coca-Cola was one of the shares where sales did not meet expectations. Notice where FrontRunner broke down and gave divergence before the fall of yesterday.

Buffet's Berkshire dumps Oracle, buys Red Hat and trims Apple holdings by 1%.
I want to show that Oracle is dumped close to resistance and in overbought territory.

JSE Technical:
The Rand is now officially the most volatile Currency in the world. With all the problems here, I am not surprised.

I must show the Rand again. Notice the gap .... is this a continuation gap?

Although the gold mines have many problems, they benefit from the Rand. Notice how Goldfields moved from a dark red trend factor into a light green one currently.

The Eskom power cuts also influenced our data supply yesterday. The fibre line also went down for a few hours. If I do not post a market review without warning, you can guess what the problem is .... ESKOM!

You must have a great weekend.
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