Uncertainty about final Trade/War deal .... Mixed moves

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Derek  4 Mar 2019

Good Morning,

Uncertainty about the final Trade/War deal is still influencing the markets. If I look back at the Trump-Kim meeting .... I do not have much hope for a satisfactory deal? Having said that, the futures of the US and Asia are positive this morning on a Trade/War deal?

The uncertainty can be seen on the graph of the DOW. 4 Doji's and 1 small body during the last 5 days. Notice the horisontal line I have drawn below FrontRunner. When this line gets broken the trend is broken. Currently FrontRunner is crossing its moving average continuously to give plenty of cyclic false signals.

Some shares are still going with the positive trend while others are showing signs of exhaustion. Cisco systems is one showing signs of exhaustion with an Engulfing Bear candle.

Illumina is continuing its trend with a +2.69% gain.

JSE Technical:
The Rand started weakening again and that will favour the Rand Hedge shares on the JSE.

The Achor Group must have done something right for its price to smash resistance and 200 day moving averahge with a +8.7% gain. Notice for how long it had a negative trend factor.

MultiChoise Group is now part of the Satrix 40 and we need to keep an eye on it. With only 3 days of data it does not have much of a graph and is still trying to establish its price with lots of volatility. -6.21% on Friday.

You must enjoy your day.
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