FED puts lid on rate hikes .... Platinum still shines on JSE

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Derek  22 Mar 2019

Good Morning,

Aftre two days of red candles, while the FED was having a meeting, the U.S. blasted off when a lid was placed on future rate hikes. Notice that the S&P500 did not once close below the EMA8 line during the past two negative days.

I always tried to show that you need to invest in strong trend shares. I included the table of strong trend shares on the graph of Advace Micro Devices. On the list you can see that these are the shares that are making new highs and is outperforming the market. Our top share share AMD leading the pack with a massive +22% gain for the week!

It was only some of the banks that did not shine, but I have a hunch they went ex-divident? Let's show Home Depot that is busy forming a beautiful Cup and Handle formation. The round curve at the bottom is the cup bottom with the handle to come.

JSE Technical:
There were a lot of profit taking on the JSE on Wednesday. The Platinum sector was still moving strong.

Impala Platinum is still busy making new highs.

Bid Corporation is still moving strong after breaking its negative trend line.

Multichoise seems to have stabilised now. Notice that no indicator has enough data to plot yet, but we have the trend lines to use. My positive trend line is now broken.

You must have a great weekend.
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