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Derek  3 Apr 2019

Good Morning,

Yesterday was mostly a profit taking day. Analysts still predict upside potential in the U.S. Asia is strong this morning on fresh news on a U.S.-China trade-deal progress.

The ASX is busy breaking its resistance this morning. Notice where the Golden Cross occurred.

Although I showed Wynn Resorts yesterday, I must do so again. It is fast becoming one of my favourites. It was again the second best gainer on the S&P500 and broke resistance. I zoomed out a bit to show the upwards potential. FrontRunner is also giving a warning that a much higher high is still to come!

While most shares took a breather, lets show one that is consolidating on support. ABIOMED touched support 4 times the past 5 days.

Exxaro Resources broke resistance, then started to make a J-Curve to touch the break line again and is busy completing the J-Curve now. J-Curves start forming when a share moves too fast and you start to get lots of profit taking. This is when the informed investors start buying again if they did not have the share. Click on the blue J-Curve word if you want to learn more.

Kumba Iron Ore had no stop after breaking resistance. It is however now moving into overbought territory.

The rest of the world envy the U.S. market performance .... STAY WITH THE WINNERS!

Enjoy your day.
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