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Derek  4 Apr 2019

Good Morning,

The FTSE Market lagged the rest of the Markets during the rally .... Brexit? Asian stocks are mixed this morning after the rally .... profit taking?

The DAX finally broke the 200 day moving average (pink line) too. It also made a breakaway gap?

The winners on the S&P500 for the week so far are WYNN +18%, AMD +16.6%, WDC +14.6% & DAL +14%.

I showed Advance Micro Devices so many times before, but a winner stays a winner! It gained +8.49% yesterday with a gap.

One that I have not shown before is Delta Air Lines. Notice that it broke the 200 moving average with a gap. It only moved into a positive trend factor with this gap and FrontRunner is warning that this height is not the end.

JSE Technical:
The winner for the week on the JSE was Coronation Fund Managers with a +10.38% gain! They must be doing something right for a change after a very negative year. Notice that the share price broke the 200 day moving average and the long term trend lines that I marked.

I zoomed out a bit to show that Barloworld is busy breaking a strong resistance line. This is the first time in 20 weeks that the share managed to close above this line.

Trend Warning:
I repeat this everytime as it is very important. When in a strong trend, cyclic signals must be ignored. The slightest dip will generate a cyclic signal. The only thing that can keep you in the trend is a trend line or EMA8 line. AND never forget that: "The Trend is Your Friend!"

Enjoy your day.
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