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Derek  15 Apr 2019

Good Morning,

News in brief:
Robust bank earnings gave the U.S. some explosive moves.
Disney helps propel the DOW up +1.03%.
Dimon says that healthy U.S. economy can go on for years.
Renewed trade-deal hopes boost the East this morning.

After Boeing was holding the DOW back, Walt Disney came to its saving with a massive +11.54% gain. In a 30 stock index that move gave the DOW its gain.

I mentioned on Friday that you will get some explosive moves during result season. And Walt Disney was only the second best mover in the S&P 500, APC was the best with a +32% gain. Notice that I immediately added the resistance lines on the gap that was created on the Walt Disney graph.

JPMorgan Chase gave the spark in the banking sector. It also did so with a gap and also broke the 200 day moving average.

And I did not forget about my favourite .... Bank of America. I zoomed out a bit to show the upwards potential. Top resistance was broken. Notice on this chart how the open window (gap) was closed less than 2 weeks ago before it took the path upwards.

Lets conclude by showing how many strong trend factor shares are making new highs. Stay with the winners and sell the losers!

JSE Technical:
The JSE had a strong day too. The Industrial index was the best performer. Notice how the supporting trend line moved into second gear.

Bid Corporation bounced on support. Note that cyclic signals are pretty accurate when a share moves sideways between 2 resistance lines. As mentioned many times before .... be carefull of cyclic signals when in a strong trend.

You must not be scared of Breakaway Gaps, but rather see them as listing you the future performar shares. I immediately add them to my watchlist. To find them in TradeFX is easy, just sort the Day % and they will all be amongst the top performers .

Enjoy your day and let’s see what new results will bring this week.
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