'Medicare for All' holds U.S. back .... JSE Property Sector

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Derek  17 Apr 2019

Good Morning,

Markets are very mixed with small movements.

The small body candle of the DOW confirms the uncertainty on the market. I assume that more results will show the way forward.

The results of Johnson Johnson did better than expectations and the price touched resistance only to close with a long leg doji.

UnitedHealth stocks fall despite earnings beat, signalling investor jitters over 'Medicare for All'. I think this is this same reason that Johnson Johnson eased back as all the other medical stocks took a beating for the same reason.

JSE Technical:
PSG formed a launching pad on its resistance break and then started the engines yesterday.

It has been a very long time since I have shown any property shares. The overstating of property values by Steinhoff also took the property sector down as investors believed the same overstating happened here. The red trend factor of GrowthPoint Properties is evidance of this fall. Let's trust that this is not true for GrowthPoint. It broke my negative trend line and the trend factor is very close to turning positively.

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