The Good, Bad and Ugly .... Open Window for BHP

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Derek  18 Apr 2019

Good Morning,

The U.S. is still busy with result season and is busy sorting the shares between the Good, Bad and Ugly. One thing about result season is that you know exactly where to invest and what to avoid when done. Volumes dropped significantly ahead of the long weekend.

Notice that we have divergence in place for the S&P500.

The Good: Look how well the FrontRunner break and green MACD bar worked in oversold territory for Abercrombie Fitch.

The Bad: Edwards Lifesciences broke its flag .... DOWNWARDS!

The Ugly: 'Medicare for All' is still hammering any share that has to do with healthcare. Notice where FrontRunner broke down for Phizer.

JSE Technical:
The financial sector is still moving strong and Standard Bank managed to break a strong long term resistance after its J-Curve.

The market did not like the forcasts of BHP Group mentioned with its results and took its price down to create an open window (gap). If you want to learn more about gaps, just click on the blue coloured word gap.

You must have a great long weekend and the next market review will only be on Tuesday.
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