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Derek  2 May 2019

Good Morning,

Asian markets are mixed this morning after the FED leaves rates steady.

The S&P500 dipped below the break line again while most markets were closed yesterday.

The U.S. result season is still busy sorting the shares and those that satisfy investors, gets a gap up. Apple was one of them!

Similarly for Harris Corporation.

Google did not satisfy and got a gap to the downside. The biggest drop was Tuesday.

JSE Technical:
The JSE was still in a correction mode ahead of the public holiday.

Bid Corporation corrected to close just above the EMA8 line. It looks as if it wants to start forming a J-curve or is the EMA8 line going to be broken? It is in neutral territory, so anything is possible.

The Financial Sector did manage to close positively.

Always keep in mind: "When in May, stay away!"

Enjoy your day.
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