Investors weigh Tensions vs Hopes .... FrontRunner Warnings

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Derek  6 Jun 2019

Good Morning,

Investors weigh trade tensions vs. hopes of FED rate cate?

The NASDAQ now also broke my trend and EMA8 lines. I also marked the divergence of the turn on the chart.

Apple's chart looks exactly like the NASDAQ's chart. Apple made a breakaway gap!

Some shares are making new highs and did not correct much. After Harris Corporation made a breakaway gap and FrontRunner warned that a new high was coming, it never looked back. The FrontRunner warning is when it breaks above the 3 green overbought lines. Also notice that since the breakaway gap, it never closed below the EMA8 line.

JSE Technical:
It was mostly Gold that glittered on the JSE.

Gold Fields had no stop when it broke top resistance. It is in overbought territory now. Notice the FrontRunner warning and how this share has moved from a red trend factor to a dark green one.

After Impala Platinum Holdings broke the EMA8 line with divergence in place, it also took the strong trend path upwards.

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