Trade gun turned to Europe! .... Trend Factor for JSE losers

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Derek  3 Jul 2019

Good Morning,

The dust has not even settled on the U.S.-China trade truce, when Trump turned his tariff gun on Europe! This morning the trade-deal uncertainty returned and made Asian markets correct. Remember my words:"Trump can never be trusted!"

These latest developments could turn all the gaps created the day before into exhaustion gaps. I show the gap again on the chart of the S&P500.

OReilly Automotive broke all resistance. Notice how accurately the indicators worked for this share.

The shares are all mixed with plenty of hesitation. I show a hesitation one, Best Buy Co. You can see the red candle hesitation and the gap created the previous day.

JSE Technical:
Then there was a long list of non performing shares that pulled the JSE down. I show the table created by Analyst Expert in TradeFX. Notice that almost all of them has a red trend factor .... shares that you should not invest in!

I show Truworths International. Notice when the trend Factor started warning about this share. With FrontRunner also heading down .... not a healthy picture.

After hesitating at resistance, Impala Platinum smashed resistance. Notice the dark green trend factor.

The trend factor is made up of short, medium and long term (2years) movements to give an overall trend indication. It is a brave investor that tries to go against the trend. Remember: "The trend is your friend!"

Enjoy your day.
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