Trade-War Standoff Persists .... FrontRunner warnings

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Derek  18 Jul 2019

Good Morning,

Asian markets fall on economic red flags as trade-war standoff persists.

The S&P500 broke my long term trend and EMA8 lines and it is starting to look more like a big selloff rather than only a correction.

Together with result season, CSX Corporation had the biggest selloff. Notice how FrontRunner is warning that a much lower low is still to come.

After Berkshire Hathaway broke the trend line, it also only know one direction .... and that is down. Notice where FrontRunner broke down.

While most shares are correcting, Hershey Co is doing the opposite and even did so with a breakaway gap. Remember that we are busy with result season with lots of volatility. FrontRunner is giving the opposite warning of a much higher high that is still to come. It also moved into a dark green trend factor.

JSE Technical:
Well, I did warn yesterday that the JSE could not be the only market moving positively while the rest of the world is correcting. All the gains of the previous day were wiped off the table.

Impala Platinum broke down with a rickshaw man candle (log-legged candle).

Standard Bank wiped the previous day's gain to be back on support again.

The world markets trend is important, and it is not wise to go against the trend!

Enjoy your day.
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