Strong markets on new news .... JSE hesitantly synchronised

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Derek  24 Jul 2019

Good Morning,

Markets gained on reports of renewed U.S.-China trade talks? Markets in the East are also strong because of this news.

All Markets are above the their EMA8 lines in positive territory. You might notice a grey line on which the S&P500 turned on my chart. That is a 16 day EMA line that I use as a last support.

I must show the DAX that made a breakaway gap.

Forgive me for showing my favorite again. Bank of America broke the flag in style and is well on its way to the next resistance!

Coca-Cola smashed resistance with a breakaway gap. Notice the FrontRunner warning that a much higher high is still to come.

JSE Technical:
This time round the JSE followed world markets hesitantly. At least all markets are synchronized again and not pulling against each other .... I am a happy man again!

You can see the hesitant move on the graph of the Satrix40.

BID Corporation also had a flag break!

We will have to see how long the latest news on trade-talks lasts? All that we can do is follow the signals and ignore the external noise.

Enjoy your day.
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