Global Stimulus Talk gave Spark .... Tip on Divergence

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Derek  20 Aug 2019

Good Morning,

The S&P500 even broke the the EMA8 line with a gap on global stimulus talk. Notice that the turn came with a double bottom and divergence.

The DAX also broke its EMA8 and trend lines with a gap. I marked the divergence on this chart.

The strongest move came from Estee Lauder with a +12.52% gain. Notice the divergence and gap!

The 3 rd biggest move came from Wynn Resorts. Everyting I already mentioned is on this chart. Turn on support with divergence, EMA8 line broken, trend line broken and lift off came with a gap.

JSE Technical:
Anglo American also reached support with divergence, but could not break the resistance lines yet.

The chart of the Satrix40 is about identical to Anglo American.

Tip for Algomodel users:
I know nothing better to show a bottom and turn than divergence with FrontRunner? If you do .... I would like to hear about it.
If you run Analyst Expert and click on the heading Div, it shows you all the shares that has divergence in place before the and bottom divergence.

Enjoy your day.
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