Trade-War Volatility .... Similar patterns for all shares

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Derek  27 Aug 2019

Good Morning,

Markets had a cautious bounce after the big selloff. All indices are still way below their EMA8 lines.

Notice the volatility of the S&P500 between the 2 resistance lines I have drawn on the graph of the S&P500. All Trade-War volatility!

I show the same volatility for the Nikkei. Notice that the bounce is still below the EMA8 (orange) line.

You can see the same volatility on the chart of Bank of America. The close is also below the EMA8 line.

Similarly for Walt Disney. Notice that the shares are all on major supports waiting for direction!

JSE Technical:
And the patterns are the same for the JSE shares. I show Naspers.

Similarly for Standard Bank!

They say that U.S. and China are eager to restart Trade Talks? Markets want certainty before we will get less volatility.

Enjoy your day.
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