Markets Rally as .... Blue Sky Territory for some shares

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Derek  30 Aug 2019

Good Morning,

Markets Rally as China tamps down fears of trade-war escalation.

The S&P500 rallied to the top resistance that formed due to trade-war.

Similarly for the DAX and most other indices.

So did Bank of America. Bank of America touched top and bottom resistance within 2 days .... just shows the volatility.

I mentioned yesterday that COST was following Home Depot and Wal-Mart higher. Home Depot is now in blue sky territory with no resistance above!

JSE Technical:
Platinum Shares did not run out of steam yet and Notham Platinum is also testing blue sky territory.

The SATRIX40 broke my trend line hesitantly and could not close near the high of the day.

You must have a great weekend and lets hope we have no unwelcome tweets this weekend.
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