Divergences everywhere .... Gold looses its shine when markets turn

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Derek  5 Sep 2019

Good Morning,

Markets reacted positively as U.S. / China agreed to resume trade talks?
One analyst commented that Brixet is now clear as mud?

The S&P500 closed just below the volatility band top resistance and the 50 day moving average. FrontRunner shows that the trend remains positive.

The NIKKEI smashed top resistance and is even trading currently (their market is open) above the 50 day moving average.

Bank of America is busy breaking top resistance. Notice the divergence at the double bottom!

Intel Corporation broke its resistance decisively to even have a positive trend factor again. Do you see the divergence at bottom?

JSE Technical:
When the rest of the indices moves, the gold haven disappears.
See the divergence at the top when Gold Fields made a double top!

With the Amsterdam listing around the corner, Naspers broke an important resistance. Remember to contact your broker for what option to choose for the listing....time for this is running out.

Enjoy your day.
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