S&P500 running out of steam? .... Platinum follows Gold down

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Derek  11 Sep 2019

Good Morning,
I thought that I would not be able to give a market review today after the vibre lines were down all day. Technology is great .... while it is working!

The U.S. shares closed about unchanged again and the East is edging higher this morning.

The trend for the S&P500 remains positive, although FrontRunner and the MACD are showing signs of running out of steam in overbought territory.

After Caterpillar turned with divergence, there is just no stop to this share. It also moved back into a positive trend factor.

I am experiencing that there are a lot of profit taking with the shares that did well in the past, and those that did not, are now lifting their heads. Lots of profit taking at Colgate-Palmolive.

JSE Technical:
The platinum shares are now following the gold shares lower. Notice where FrontRunner broke down for Impala Platinum.

The volatility at the Satrix40 continues with a very long leg doji .... indecision about direction!

Enjoy your day.
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