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Derek  12 Sep 2019

Good Morning,

Today I want to show only forgotten shares rising up from the the dust.

Shares mostly gain as trade tensions eased slightly.

The S&P500 made a small J-Curve and then continued its positive trend. It is nearing top resistance and in doing so the HeatMaps are getting warmer and warmer!

After the plane crashes, Boeing had a long correction. It has shrugged off the negativity and is now breaking one resistance after the other.

Walgreens Boots replaced GE in the DOW, but did not have a great start. Similarly it corrected for a long period. Together with Boeing they are helping to lift the DOW.

JSE Technical:
Moody's comments helped the JSE to continue positively. The graph of the Satrix 40 shows this.

It looks as if the market is happy that Moyo was fired correctly the second time, and this send Old Mutual into a positive trend again. I marked the correction pattern on the chart.

The Medical Sector also had a poor performance since April 2018. You can see how Netcare broke its first negative trend line. Similarly for Remgro that has a large stake in Netcare.

The Drop of -30% of Naspers is part of the Prosus listing. Prosus shares will only show within a few days on your portfolio. The code for Prosus is PRX, but it has only one bar, so not much sence in showing it.

You must have a great day.
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