U.S. shares running out of steam .... JSE remains strong.

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Derek  16 Sep 2019

Good Morning,

The Saudi oil attack can be a 'game changer' for stock markets?

The S&P500 is hesitating in overbought territory.

Some shares are already well on their way with their correction. See how Estee Lauder started its correction with divergence.

Home Depot is also running out of steam with 3 doji's and divergence in place.

JSE Technical:
The strong Rand is still driving the Financial Sector higher. We even have a positive trend factor again!

Investec is the share that has moved in to second gear with even a positive trend factor again. Remember to ignore cyclic signals and only use the trend lines when a share is in such a strong trend.

It is seldom that you see Resources moving together with Financials as both are influenced by the Rand. Anglo American and Billiton are however doing that! Is the market telling us that the Rand is going to start weakening again?

Prosus will be shown a lot in the future, so I might as well start now. There is not enough data yet for any technical indicator, except volume. Notice the high volume at listing where many investors took profit.

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