World Markets Correcting .... A few Simple Rules

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Derek  25 Sep 2019

Good Morning,

The US continued its slide after Trump critizes China in UN speech, impeachment worries rise.

The S&P500 is now rapidly moving out of overbought territory.

You can see how the DAX is also following the correction path.

When AutoZone could not break top resistance and it had divergence in place .... huge correction started.

I also show for Bank of America where the red MACD bars started and FrontRunner broke down in overbought territory. Notice that the trend line was broken 3 days ago.

JSE Technical:
The JSE was closed for a public holiday, but on Monday gold shares lifted their heads again with all the wold market corrections.

I show where Gold Fields broke up.

After Investec broke its trend line, it is falling like a brick. I again show where FrontRunner broke down in overbought territory and the red MACD bars started.

I showed today a few simple rules to watch out for:
1 Are we in overbought Territory?
2 Did FrontRunner break down?
3 Is the MACD making red bars?
4 Is the trend and EMA8 lines broken?

Enjoy your day.
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