New tariffs against EU .... JSE did not escape World Correction

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Derek  3 Oct 2019

Good morning,

News in Brief:
Selling on Wall Street increased, caused by fear of job losses due to manufacturing decline.
If that was not enough, Trump introduced new tariffs against EU.
Asian Markets sink amid Wall Street Losses.

Not a pretty picture to show today. Notice the gap with the plunge on the S&P500.

The FTSE 100 took the steapest plunge.

You might recall that the NIKKEI was the only index that was lagging the rest. It caught up now with the biggest gap I have ever seen!

The Hang Seng has been declining for quite a while, so its current declines are more moderate.

JSE Technical:
The JSE did not escape the big decline and the Satrix40 followed world markets. I marked the FrontRunner break on the chart.

After seeing so many negative charts, lets conclude with Impala Platinum that is still moving positively amid the world corrections as the platinum and gold prices are rising due to the world correction.

Now is the time to have those trend lines in place and wait for FrontRunner to show the turn.

Enjoy your day.
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