Brexit Deal still needs approval? .... Ireland against deal

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Derek  18 Oct 2019

Good Morning,

News in Brief:
The S&P500 ends within 1% of all-time high amid Brexit draft deal and quarterly results.
Asian markets mixed after decades-worst GDP growth by China.
After the positive moves in the morning, investors started realising that the EU and UK parliament must still approve the Brexit draft proposal?
Ireland already said that they do not support the deal.

See how the DAX made a doji with a huge upper shadow. The high was the excitement on the Brexit deal and the close realising approval might still be a problem.

As the S&P500 moves closer to the all time high, the HeatMaps are getting more and more overbought.

Humana is making up lost ground to reach its all time high with a +2.58% gain. It did so with a doji sandwich formation.

JSE Technical:
Exactly the same formation as the DAX can be seen on the graph of the SATRIX 40 due to the Brixet scenarios.

Naspers and Prosus broke theit EMA8 lines. Notice how the EMA8 line started forming a saucer formation after the trend lines was broken for Naspers.

You must have a great weekend.
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