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Derek  7 Sep 2017


Markets in the US made a positive move yesterday and markets in the East this morning is also positive.

I show the DOW, but indicators did not turn positive yet. I also show the first developmet of MACD. See below.

JSE Technical:
Clicks is in an overbought area making a double top. If the resistance does not get broken, then the double top is confirmed.

Bad news at Vodacom made the share drop -7.86% in one day. But do notice where MACD and FrontRunner warned you to get out!

The first phase of MACD is done, but the second phase still needs to be added. MACD is a widely used indicator for medium to long term investments. As you can notice on the charts shown this morning, it can give valuable signals. We hope to publish the completed version soon.

For those of you trying the program, we must apologise as we seem to have a problem with updating data. It is not an easy problem to fix, may take a day or two, so apologies again. I am using a fall back system from Metastock to show the charts this morning to bypass the problem.

Enjoy your day.
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