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Derek  11 Sep 2017


The week kicked off on a strong positive note from the East. The Nikkei is the strongest at +1.38%.

JSE Technical:
After the window was closed, Anheuser-Bush took the path upwards. Notice that MACD is crossing upwards.

Remgro broke its correction trend line. Notice that FrontRunner broke up, but not MACD yet.

British American Tobacco bounced how many times on support as shown previously. I show it again and notice where MACD broke up .... while it was on the support.

Usage Method:
When one uses too many signals, you can get lost or do not know which one to follow? What I do is use spotlight to draw trend lines for those shares. When the trend line gets broken you want at least a FrontRunner or MACD signal as well. The Market is very diffificult as is, so use technical to put the odds in your favour.

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